Patrick J

Simply. Born2Code.
Android, Linux and OpenSource enthusiast.

About Me
My name is Patrick Jung, I'm a 19 years old developer from germany.
Since 2013 I'm apprentice in a large company for video walls & control systems, where I've started to learn Java.

About one year ago I started with Android development. In my free time I'm developing my own applications or contribute to other projects on GitHub. While getting more knowledge over the time, I've started to publish some (maybe) helpful libraries on my GitHub profile, too.

Linux and Open Source
When starting my apprenticeship I came the first time in my life in touch with Linux - since then there's nothing else I want to use. I've learned a lot of stuff from open source projects, therefore I decided to publish my sources, too - to (hopefully) help other people out there extending their knowledge.
Apprenticeship as Software Developer
Since 2013
My Projects
EarthViewer Beta
An open source wallpaper application for earthview by Google wallpapers.
PlayStore / GitHub

A collection of Zooper Widgets for and by the Community.